Cam Model Business Survival – Being your own assistant, PR and the best kind of boss

”One of the coolest things about being a camgirl is being your own boss,” I eagerly told myself and others when I first started camming. And it’s true! Being the boss is awesome. I had a shitty boss a number of years ago at the law firm and that guy was living the life. He’d roll into work whenever he felt like it, he’d make off handed comments at employees who didn’t deserve it, he was kind of creepy and forgot shit all the time and more or less didn’t give two fucks about how things worked around the office. He just did what he did, told other people what they should be doing, and cashed out.

Myself and the rest of the support staff would joke that if we left for a week the whole office would catch on fire. On their own, the bosses of that company sucked. The only reason the stupid thing ran as well as it did was because of the relentless efforts of all of the people doing what I like to call “The Bitch Work” – more exhausting, more annoying, more time consuming – to allow the boss to continue to do his Boss Man thing. Because the boss himself was a royal ass, the staff did what it did out of obligation, not out of a place of personal motivation, and it showed. We weren’t the best firm out there. We didn’t do cool stuff or book gigantic clients. The trickle-down effect of the shitty Boss permeated every piece of the company. Our employee turnover was unfortunately quite high. 

If you signed up as a cam model so you could be The Boss 100% of the time, you’re in for a wake up call. Since you work for yourself, by yourself, WITH yourself, you’re going to also have to be all of the support staff to keep that business of yours from catching on fire.

Be your own assistant

An assistant does all the shit the boss doesn’t want to do, and since you are your entire company, you get to do the shit you don’t to do. Welcome to self employment!

When you start treating yourself like a business, you start functioning like a business. A dedicated assistant is a crucial part of doing well. If you could hire an assistant, what would you ask them to do? Writing a list of these things down will help you manage your time and actually start doing the things you keep putting off. The next time you’re too far into Boss Mode and feel like wandering off to watch TV without sending out any of the content you owe people, ask yourself: “would I pay my assistant for doing this?”

Be the assistant you want to have. Make yourself proud.

Be Your Own PR

PR stands for “public relations” – this is how you appear to the public and it’s really, really fucking important. The bottom line is that what you say matters. What you say becomes who you are and it affects everything from how your experiences online will be to how much money you will make. There’s an obvious difference between being a doormat and choosing your battles very carefully. The Boss might want to get into a twitter argument with everyone who says “nice bobs”, but PR wouldn’t let it happen, because PR knows that it isn’t worth the bad press.

The next time you’re in Boss Mode and your blood is boiling over reading a comment that a) has nothing to do with you and b) you literally can’t change a thing about, switch over to PR mode. Ask yourself: “would my public relations lady let me flip shit about this?”

The answer is 99.9% of the time no. Make your PR proud.

Be Your Best Boss

What makes a good boss? I recommend actually taking the time to google this question and reading the responses, because there are far more eloquent phrasings of this topic on the internet. Recognizing what makes a great boss will give you things to strive toward. Just because you’re in command doesn’t mean you’re inherently good at it: it just means you’re calling the shots. Make sure the shots you call are good ones.

In my opinion, being your own best boss means being driven. A boss should be innovative, creative, inspiring and motivated toward success. An awesome boss pushes the company to enjoy the work they’re doing and truly feel proud to produce what they’re producing. Being your own boss also means being humble and grateful. A truly great boss is happy to be where they are and aims to reach higher not out of greed but out of passion. Lastly, a really amazing boss is firm but understanding. A good boss respects mental health days but rejects laziness. A good boss will push the employees to do their best even when they’re not feeling their greatest. Having a great boss can make all the difference in the work place – this doesn’t change when the boss is you. 

Be the best boss. Make everyone proud. 

“No I don’t, but thanks for asking!” – Remembering who’s listening

Before I get into this, just know that I feel you. I also hate being asked for skype and feet and open bobs and pvt and anal and paypal etc etc. On certain days it’s like the entire fucking circus comes out to bother me all at once and I spend half my time on cam attempting to politely explain that no, I don’t do x y z and if they had taken one fucking microscopic second to look at the profile that I literally spend hours designing to inform them of such they’d know without me having to tell them that I don’t do x y or goddamn z. 


Keep in mind that it’s not necessarily the person that’s asking who you’re trying to impress. We may have learned along the way that the dude asking to see your feet most likely isn’t going to tip for them (sorry, feet dudes, but it’s more or less true) but it’s the people that want to tip you for your time and your smile that will hear how you treat these sort of requests, and they’ll remember. It doesn’t matter who you’re taking to: what you say and how you say it will be heard by everyone in the room. 

I do my best to be polite to everyone who asks me a question, even if it’s an idiotic question that I have answered dozens of times before. In my eyes I can spare the extra second of breath to say “Not taking privates, but thanks so much for asking!” because people who do have tokens are going to hear this, and gratitude is a big thing on a camsite. If I can be polite even to people who ask me the frustrating stuff, there’s a good chance I’m going to be extra kind to people who tip. You never know who’s listening, and the reality is that even if they’re saying “pvt bb” what they’re honestly asking you is whether or not they can pay by the minute to watch you do something (regardless of whether or not you do it) and that’s still a generous offer, even if we’re used to receiving more. While it might not be worthy of paying much attention to, considering there are bigger and better things we can focus on as cam models, it’s still an offer and a simple “thanks but no thanks!” definitely does suffice. 

Lastly it reduces the negativity in the room and that’s a big deal, too. The less time you spend bitching at people and banning them, the more time you spend smiling and enjoying your shift, which trickles down to the members who do support you. 

Everything you say counts. Keep it in mind!

I Guess I’ll Go Eat Worms: Dealing with “failure”

I think one of the most important things to know as a camgirl is how to look at a lack of success from an objective standpoint. Being able to separate yourself from your failures to a certain degree will enable you not only to avoid unnecessary emotional suffering, but it’ll also allow you to grow in ways that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

There is an element of chance to MFC. You are going to need to learn to handle chaos, whether that’s by coping emotionally or financially. Sometimes you bring your A-Game and get jack shit. Sometimes you really put yourself out there and no one shows up. Sometimes this happens once in a while, sometimes this happens a bunch of times in a row. The reality of the job is that there are going to be days that suck dick and the only thing you can do about it is handle yourself accordingly. Like I’ve said before, you can’t make people tip. You can’t adjust your own rank. You can’t raise your own camscore. All you can do is try to be your best self and hope that your viewers will contribute.

My advice is this: if you’re crying on slow days because you’re convinced that it’s your hair or your teeth or your outfit or your voice or your love handles or your lack of tits or whatever other nitpicky detail you’ve decided to blame the lack of tokens on, stop.Remember that you still had that nitpicky detail on days where you did make tons of tokens. If it didn’t bother you when you were celebrating, it shouldn’t bother you when you’re not in such a good mood. You are the same you on days where you succeed and days where you don’t.

It’s understandable to want to make as much time as possible for MFC because the more time you’re able to spend online, the better your chances of making tokens. That said, if MFC has repeatedly not worked out for you, and you’re starting to barely scrape by, don’t let the glitter of possibility stop you from protecting yourself and your life. Not everyone will be successful on cam and if you’re digging yourself a debt hole from waiting around for MFC to work, stop. You can still cam around waitressing shifts. You can always quit a part time job if MFC catapults you into financial success. If this financial situation doesn’t sound like yours, and MFC really is treating you well enough to pay your bills, feed yourself and save a little bit for the future, then coping with failure isn’t your focus: it’s your ability to be grateful for what you’re fortunate enough to have. That sounds blunt as fuck, but it’s true. It’s important to set personal goals and great to celebrate when you reach those goals, but it’s counterproductive to waste energy crying over “failures” that aren’t actually failures.

Brush yourself off. Pull your socks up. Go for a walk and eat some good food and come back when you’re feeling refreshed. The only thing you can count on in the cam world is yourself, so you may as well be as positive, appreciative and determined as can be, right?

Group and Private Shows – Forcing lurkers to be useful

Unfortunately common situation: you’ve got a room full of people, you’re working your gorgeous self to the bone, you’re offering a bunch of awesome deals and raffles and games and shit going and everyone is … just ….. staring. Not tipping. Not really talking. Not really doing much of anything, really. If you’re lucky you’ve got one or two regulars who are doing their best, but if you’re like most of us, they’re not made of tokens and you feel increasingly guilty saying that things are “slow” when you know your poor MFCBFF premium is tipping all they’ve got and still, at this rate, finishing the count isn’t likely.

This is when I like to make use of the group and private features. I don’t know if it’s because I’m non-nude and people are hoping to see a little extra something behind (slightly) closed doors, but I find that if I can get a group going, tons of people who otherwise would have just sat there and stared at me are willing to cough up the ten tokens a minute to continue to creep. Here are some things I’ve noticed are helpful, and some tips on how to transition from the public chat struggle to the group or private chat good times.

Slow to Productive

I like to address my regulars first, if there are any in the room, or at the very least the people who have tipped thus far. I point out the obvious (”It’s looking like getting through this countdown might take a while/might not happen”) and then offer the show (”Do any of you guys have a couple tokens left to possibly use to go to group with?”). I like to stress to my members the fact that lurkers will usually come out of the wood works, so if a regular is hanging onto a couple hundred tokens, whatever they have to offer will likely be doubled if not tripled by other participants should we carry over into a group show instead. At the end of the day, most people want to see their camgirl succeed and be happy, so whether a member is tipping here and there or tipping their remaining tokens in a group often doesn’t matter. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a chorus of random lurkers that say they’ll go to group, too: trust me, they won’t say anything before, during or after the group, most likely. They’ll just continue to perv in silence … but at least this way you get to snag some tokens from them in the process.

Group or Private?

If the countdown you’ve been working on is behind handled by a small group of people, say two or more, I’d suggest a group. If you’ve got one lonely baller who’s doing all he can, PM him first: mention that he’s doing all the work and that if he’d like to go to spyable private with you, not only would he get the show archive but you’ll likely make an almost equal amount in spies – that is, people that are tipping to peek into your private show. This only works for private, not true private, so make sure that you specify. If they’re on board to reap the rewards themselves and help you make a bunch more tokens, you’ve definitely got a keeper. Make sure you mention out loud in public chat that you’re doing a spyable private and you encourage them lurkers to come creep! 

Group Dynamics

People like to feel like they’re a part of something exclusive (myself included) and a group or private chat is a great time to stress that. If you’re in a group, include the lurkers in this VIP feeling: thank them for making the group happen, mention that you guys are like a little secret club, offer some within-group deals, so on and so forth. Even if no one takes them, you’re making people feel special, and that might be all it takes to move a lurker to a regular tipper. Some people are just shy, and a smaller room like a group could be a great opportunity for them to feel like they know you well enough to start taking part more often.  

Do Group and Private have to be *~*~Extra Sexy~*~*?

Short answer: no. You don’t have to reserve special behaviour only for private or group shows. You can do a regular show like you’d do in public chat in group or private and people will still likely attend. For whatever reason I used to feel nervous about doing groups or privates because I worried the receiving end would be expecting something over the top amazing, but in truth people will pay to continue to watch you almost regardless of what you’re up to (within reason, of course).

Long story short it’s worth a short even if you don’t have anything fantastic planned. Do a strip tease, a sexy dance, a wet t-shirt, a lotion show … whatever. 

Rank Wars – Mental breakdowns, camathons and the monthly Miss MFC Rank Competition

On MFC exists a ranking system, with the number one highest earning model taking the 1st place and each model on the site ranks below that in order of income. Camscore has no direct effect on rank. There are cash prizes for models that finish in the top 100, but this certainly isn’t a driving factor behind why a model chooses to go for rank. Popularity, increased regular base, team moral and, of course, the income that comes with a top rank are a handful of reasons why a girl would fight for her place in the upper tiers.

Fight? Yes. Fight. MFC rank is honestly a battle and it’s not an easy one at that. Obviously, first and foremost, nothing guarantees tokens. There’s nothing a model can actually do that will guarantee her tokens, short of tipping herself (which does happen sometimes but is definitely not viewed in a positive light amongst other competitors), so the push is for creativity and beyond that, dedication. It’s common now that models in the top 100 will be spending a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a day broadcasting and an additional 4 to 6 hours preparing, sending out prizes, editing profiles, shooting and editing content, managing social media accounts and doing other cam related background work. That’s minimum. Girls going for rank will participate in “camathons”, aka a cam-marathon where they see how many consecutive hours they can cam in a day to hold their rank. The longest running marathon I remember is something like 35 or 36 hours straight. No sleeping. No breaks. 

Hopefully I’m illustrating the fact that this environment can be very stressful. If a girl herself is competitive in nature, emotions can run high and fights between models in competing ranks break out on social media. Models have resorted to hideous publicity stunts, such as dressing up in Nazi officer gear and reciting a speech from Hitler, just to gain attention – and obviously, backlash ensues. All in all while a rank month can be incredibly transformative in terms of earnings and their impact on a girl’s life, it can be a trying time. Personally I’ve never ranked higher than #180-ish, so it’s tough for me to give advice on the topic, but some general tips for rank wars seem to be as follows.

Time. Be ready to eat, sleep, breathe MFC. Clear your schedule, cancel plans, tell your mother you’ll see her in a month and lock yourself inside your house. …no, but really, if you’re going to run for a top 100 rank, be ready to put in time. Do not expect people to tip you on days that you don’t show up. You have to be willing to put the work in.

Advertising. Be up to snuff with your social media! Keeping updated on twitter, snapchat and tumblr or whatever other means you use updates your potential viewers/tippers, too, so stay on people’s minds. It’s wise to advertise that you’re going for rank at least a few weeks in advance, especially if you’ve never done it before. It’ll allow your regulars to save up a bit, as well as give you time to prepare new content and new fun ways to interest more people.

Patience. If you’re going to be online daily for longer hours than usual, it’s not uncommon to notice a lull. IT IS VERY COMMON FOR YOUR CAMSCORE TO LOWER DURING A RANK MONTH! Try your best not to pay it much attention. Remember we get paid in tokens, not in camscore. The higher the rank, the more money you make. Be willing to hang out for an extra 15 or 20 minutes, even if it’s “slow”. You never know who might find you. 

Reach Out. You might usually lean toward paying attention to your regulars, and for good reason! They’re your friends and it’s always easier to chat with your homies. For rank purposes, though, it’s so important to involve the “little guy” and the “passerby” – offer deals on content. Make sure you pay extra attention to even the random 5 or 10 token tip. Emphasize that team effort will help rank and that every token counts, because it does. It would be tough to secure a high rank with only one or two tippers (unless they were ballers) so your best line of attack is getting as many people to help in small amounts as possible. 

Shows and Chill. Doing shows will attract more viewers. Face time where you can hang out, share and get to know people will connect you to more members, making them more likely to be regulars. While it’s important to cover yourself in glitter oil to draw them in, it’s equally as important to get to know them so that they come back even when you’re not naked and sparkling. 

Positivity & Self Care. Like I said, I’ve never ranked in the top 100, let alone the top 10. I can’t imagine the level of pressure, stress and emotional intensity that these girls experience each month. Please remember to care for yourself and try to stay positive. Sometimes you’ll start off the month amazingly and end far from your goal. Sometimes you’ll accidentally stumble into some crazy tips later in the month. It doesn’t always go according to plan and no matter what, if you’re making money, you’re succeeding, regardless of your rank. Remember to look at the sky for a while. Remember to eat. Remember to sleep. Push as hard as you can but love yourself equally as hard while you’re working your butt off.