Rank Wars – Mental breakdowns, camathons and the monthly Miss MFC Rank Competition

On MFC exists a ranking system, with the number one highest earning model taking the 1st place and each model on the site ranks below that in order of income. Camscore has no direct effect on rank. There are cash prizes for models that finish in the top 100, but this certainly isn’t a driving factor behind why a model chooses to go for rank. Popularity, increased regular base, team moral and, of course, the income that comes with a top rank are a handful of reasons why a girl would fight for her place in the upper tiers.

Fight? Yes. Fight. MFC rank is honestly a battle and it’s not an easy one at that. Obviously, first and foremost, nothing guarantees tokens. There’s nothing a model can actually do that will guarantee her tokens, short of tipping herself (which does happen sometimes but is definitely not viewed in a positive light amongst other competitors), so the push is for creativity and beyond that, dedication. It’s common now that models in the top 100 will be spending a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a day broadcasting and an additional 4 to 6 hours preparing, sending out prizes, editing profiles, shooting and editing content, managing social media accounts and doing other cam related background work. That’s minimum. Girls going for rank will participate in “camathons”, aka a cam-marathon where they see how many consecutive hours they can cam in a day to hold their rank. The longest running marathon I remember is something like 35 or 36 hours straight. No sleeping. No breaks. 

Hopefully I’m illustrating the fact that this environment can be very stressful. If a girl herself is competitive in nature, emotions can run high and fights between models in competing ranks break out on social media. Models have resorted to hideous publicity stunts, such as dressing up in Nazi officer gear and reciting a speech from Hitler, just to gain attention – and obviously, backlash ensues. All in all while a rank month can be incredibly transformative in terms of earnings and their impact on a girl’s life, it can be a trying time. Personally I’ve never ranked higher than #180-ish, so it’s tough for me to give advice on the topic, but some general tips for rank wars seem to be as follows.

Time. Be ready to eat, sleep, breathe MFC. Clear your schedule, cancel plans, tell your mother you’ll see her in a month and lock yourself inside your house. …no, but really, if you’re going to run for a top 100 rank, be ready to put in time. Do not expect people to tip you on days that you don’t show up. You have to be willing to put the work in.

Advertising. Be up to snuff with your social media! Keeping updated on twitter, snapchat and tumblr or whatever other means you use updates your potential viewers/tippers, too, so stay on people’s minds. It’s wise to advertise that you’re going for rank at least a few weeks in advance, especially if you’ve never done it before. It’ll allow your regulars to save up a bit, as well as give you time to prepare new content and new fun ways to interest more people.

Patience. If you’re going to be online daily for longer hours than usual, it’s not uncommon to notice a lull. IT IS VERY COMMON FOR YOUR CAMSCORE TO LOWER DURING A RANK MONTH! Try your best not to pay it much attention. Remember we get paid in tokens, not in camscore. The higher the rank, the more money you make. Be willing to hang out for an extra 15 or 20 minutes, even if it’s “slow”. You never know who might find you. 

Reach Out. You might usually lean toward paying attention to your regulars, and for good reason! They’re your friends and it’s always easier to chat with your homies. For rank purposes, though, it’s so important to involve the “little guy” and the “passerby” – offer deals on content. Make sure you pay extra attention to even the random 5 or 10 token tip. Emphasize that team effort will help rank and that every token counts, because it does. It would be tough to secure a high rank with only one or two tippers (unless they were ballers) so your best line of attack is getting as many people to help in small amounts as possible. 

Shows and Chill. Doing shows will attract more viewers. Face time where you can hang out, share and get to know people will connect you to more members, making them more likely to be regulars. While it’s important to cover yourself in glitter oil to draw them in, it’s equally as important to get to know them so that they come back even when you’re not naked and sparkling. 

Positivity & Self Care. Like I said, I’ve never ranked in the top 100, let alone the top 10. I can’t imagine the level of pressure, stress and emotional intensity that these girls experience each month. Please remember to care for yourself and try to stay positive. Sometimes you’ll start off the month amazingly and end far from your goal. Sometimes you’ll accidentally stumble into some crazy tips later in the month. It doesn’t always go according to plan and no matter what, if you’re making money, you’re succeeding, regardless of your rank. Remember to look at the sky for a while. Remember to eat. Remember to sleep. Push as hard as you can but love yourself equally as hard while you’re working your butt off. 

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