“No I don’t, but thanks for asking!” – Remembering who’s listening

Before I get into this, just know that I feel you. I also hate being asked for skype and feet and open bobs and pvt and anal and paypal etc etc. On certain days it’s like the entire fucking circus comes out to bother me all at once and I spend half my time on cam attempting to politely explain that no, I don’t do x y z and if they had taken one fucking microscopic second to look at the profile that I literally spend hours designing to inform them of such they’d know without me having to tell them that I don’t do x y or goddamn z. 


Keep in mind that it’s not necessarily the person that’s asking who you’re trying to impress. We may have learned along the way that the dude asking to see your feet most likely isn’t going to tip for them (sorry, feet dudes, but it’s more or less true) but it’s the people that want to tip you for your time and your smile that will hear how you treat these sort of requests, and they’ll remember. It doesn’t matter who you’re taking to: what you say and how you say it will be heard by everyone in the room. 

I do my best to be polite to everyone who asks me a question, even if it’s an idiotic question that I have answered dozens of times before. In my eyes I can spare the extra second of breath to say “Not taking privates, but thanks so much for asking!” because people who do have tokens are going to hear this, and gratitude is a big thing on a camsite. If I can be polite even to people who ask me the frustrating stuff, there’s a good chance I’m going to be extra kind to people who tip. You never know who’s listening, and the reality is that even if they’re saying “pvt bb” what they’re honestly asking you is whether or not they can pay by the minute to watch you do something (regardless of whether or not you do it) and that’s still a generous offer, even if we’re used to receiving more. While it might not be worthy of paying much attention to, considering there are bigger and better things we can focus on as cam models, it’s still an offer and a simple “thanks but no thanks!” definitely does suffice. 

Lastly it reduces the negativity in the room and that’s a big deal, too. The less time you spend bitching at people and banning them, the more time you spend smiling and enjoying your shift, which trickles down to the members who do support you. 

Everything you say counts. Keep it in mind!

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