Group and Private Shows – Forcing lurkers to be useful

Unfortunately common situation: you’ve got a room full of people, you’re working your gorgeous self to the bone, you’re offering a bunch of awesome deals and raffles and games and shit going and everyone is … just ….. staring. Not tipping. Not really talking. Not really doing much of anything, really. If you’re lucky you’ve got one or two regulars who are doing their best, but if you’re like most of us, they’re not made of tokens and you feel increasingly guilty saying that things are “slow” when you know your poor MFCBFF premium is tipping all they’ve got and still, at this rate, finishing the count isn’t likely.

This is when I like to make use of the group and private features. I don’t know if it’s because I’m non-nude and people are hoping to see a little extra something behind (slightly) closed doors, but I find that if I can get a group going, tons of people who otherwise would have just sat there and stared at me are willing to cough up the ten tokens a minute to continue to creep. Here are some things I’ve noticed are helpful, and some tips on how to transition from the public chat struggle to the group or private chat good times.

Slow to Productive

I like to address my regulars first, if there are any in the room, or at the very least the people who have tipped thus far. I point out the obvious (”It’s looking like getting through this countdown might take a while/might not happen”) and then offer the show (”Do any of you guys have a couple tokens left to possibly use to go to group with?”). I like to stress to my members the fact that lurkers will usually come out of the wood works, so if a regular is hanging onto a couple hundred tokens, whatever they have to offer will likely be doubled if not tripled by other participants should we carry over into a group show instead. At the end of the day, most people want to see their camgirl succeed and be happy, so whether a member is tipping here and there or tipping their remaining tokens in a group often doesn’t matter. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a chorus of random lurkers that say they’ll go to group, too: trust me, they won’t say anything before, during or after the group, most likely. They’ll just continue to perv in silence … but at least this way you get to snag some tokens from them in the process.

Group or Private?

If the countdown you’ve been working on is behind handled by a small group of people, say two or more, I’d suggest a group. If you’ve got one lonely baller who’s doing all he can, PM him first: mention that he’s doing all the work and that if he’d like to go to spyable private with you, not only would he get the show archive but you’ll likely make an almost equal amount in spies – that is, people that are tipping to peek into your private show. This only works for private, not true private, so make sure that you specify. If they’re on board to reap the rewards themselves and help you make a bunch more tokens, you’ve definitely got a keeper. Make sure you mention out loud in public chat that you’re doing a spyable private and you encourage them lurkers to come creep! 

Group Dynamics

People like to feel like they’re a part of something exclusive (myself included) and a group or private chat is a great time to stress that. If you’re in a group, include the lurkers in this VIP feeling: thank them for making the group happen, mention that you guys are like a little secret club, offer some within-group deals, so on and so forth. Even if no one takes them, you’re making people feel special, and that might be all it takes to move a lurker to a regular tipper. Some people are just shy, and a smaller room like a group could be a great opportunity for them to feel like they know you well enough to start taking part more often.  

Do Group and Private have to be *~*~Extra Sexy~*~*?

Short answer: no. You don’t have to reserve special behaviour only for private or group shows. You can do a regular show like you’d do in public chat in group or private and people will still likely attend. For whatever reason I used to feel nervous about doing groups or privates because I worried the receiving end would be expecting something over the top amazing, but in truth people will pay to continue to watch you almost regardless of what you’re up to (within reason, of course).

Long story short it’s worth a short even if you don’t have anything fantastic planned. Do a strip tease, a sexy dance, a wet t-shirt, a lotion show … whatever. 

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