Cam Model Business Survival – Being your own assistant, PR and the best kind of boss

”One of the coolest things about being a camgirl is being your own boss,” I eagerly told myself and others when I first started camming. And it’s true! Being the boss is awesome. I had a shitty boss a number of years ago at the law firm and that guy was living the life. He’d roll into work whenever he felt like it, he’d make off handed comments at employees who didn’t deserve it, he was kind of creepy and forgot shit all the time and more or less didn’t give two fucks about how things worked around the office. He just did what he did, told other people what they should be doing, and cashed out.

Myself and the rest of the support staff would joke that if we left for a week the whole office would catch on fire. On their own, the bosses of that company sucked. The only reason the stupid thing ran as well as it did was because of the relentless efforts of all of the people doing what I like to call “The Bitch Work” – more exhausting, more annoying, more time consuming – to allow the boss to continue to do his Boss Man thing. Because the boss himself was a royal ass, the staff did what it did out of obligation, not out of a place of personal motivation, and it showed. We weren’t the best firm out there. We didn’t do cool stuff or book gigantic clients. The trickle-down effect of the shitty Boss permeated every piece of the company. Our employee turnover was unfortunately quite high. 

If you signed up as a cam model so you could be The Boss 100% of the time, you’re in for a wake up call. Since you work for yourself, by yourself, WITH yourself, you’re going to also have to be all of the support staff to keep that business of yours from catching on fire.

Be your own assistant

An assistant does all the shit the boss doesn’t want to do, and since you are your entire company, you get to do the shit you don’t to do. Welcome to self employment!

When you start treating yourself like a business, you start functioning like a business. A dedicated assistant is a crucial part of doing well. If you could hire an assistant, what would you ask them to do? Writing a list of these things down will help you manage your time and actually start doing the things you keep putting off. The next time you’re too far into Boss Mode and feel like wandering off to watch TV without sending out any of the content you owe people, ask yourself: “would I pay my assistant for doing this?”

Be the assistant you want to have. Make yourself proud.

Be Your Own PR

PR stands for “public relations” – this is how you appear to the public and it’s really, really fucking important. The bottom line is that what you say matters. What you say becomes who you are and it affects everything from how your experiences online will be to how much money you will make. There’s an obvious difference between being a doormat and choosing your battles very carefully. The Boss might want to get into a twitter argument with everyone who says “nice bobs”, but PR wouldn’t let it happen, because PR knows that it isn’t worth the bad press.

The next time you’re in Boss Mode and your blood is boiling over reading a comment that a) has nothing to do with you and b) you literally can’t change a thing about, switch over to PR mode. Ask yourself: “would my public relations lady let me flip shit about this?”

The answer is 99.9% of the time no. Make your PR proud.

Be Your Best Boss

What makes a good boss? I recommend actually taking the time to google this question and reading the responses, because there are far more eloquent phrasings of this topic on the internet. Recognizing what makes a great boss will give you things to strive toward. Just because you’re in command doesn’t mean you’re inherently good at it: it just means you’re calling the shots. Make sure the shots you call are good ones.

In my opinion, being your own best boss means being driven. A boss should be innovative, creative, inspiring and motivated toward success. An awesome boss pushes the company to enjoy the work they’re doing and truly feel proud to produce what they’re producing. Being your own boss also means being humble and grateful. A truly great boss is happy to be where they are and aims to reach higher not out of greed but out of passion. Lastly, a really amazing boss is firm but understanding. A good boss respects mental health days but rejects laziness. A good boss will push the employees to do their best even when they’re not feeling their greatest. Having a great boss can make all the difference in the work place – this doesn’t change when the boss is you. 

Be the best boss. Make everyone proud. 

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